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Just Sittin' in the Chair

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Mar 28 2012

Yes, as I write this I am sitting in an infusion chair (it also reclines) in Room YC-808C on Floor 8 of the Yawkey Building at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Earlier today I had a round of intravenous Benadryl (also used to help the actors in "The Walking Dead" perform) and have since started a full dose (100% this time, not 30%) of Ofatumumab ("oh-fah-TOO-moo-mab"). The dosage started at a slow rate, and then, at intervals, the rate of infusion gets "bumped" up.

I am doing well ("as we speak"), with no obvious side effects from the Ofatumumab (at least that I can distinguish from the leftover Benadryl), so that is encouraging. I guess I have a pretty good case of a "heavy head", but it's not even a headache. I also guess I feel a bit "washed out".

The people here at D-F are ~all~ super-super people.

I saw Michele Walsh, Dr. Fisher's Nurse Practitioner, and she brought the lab results for the blood taken from me first thing this morning. The good news is that some of the numbers have started to change, ~and~ in the right direction. It seems as if progress is being made in the ongoing battle between Fred's normal cells and Fred's aberrant cells. Yay!

I do have to believe that today's infusion (the first with a 100% Ofatumumab dose) is continuing to wreak havoc on the previously cocky little band of leukemic lymphocytes within, and maybe next week's numbers will be even better... :-)

I do have another three or fours hours to sit in this chair, though, in the meantime...

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