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Transitions (#2)

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Nov 19 2012

During my "usual Part B Alemtuzumab Monday" at Dana-Farber today, Diane and I received the verbal news that I am likely to be graduated from Part B to Part C, effective next Monday, 11/26/2012, and I would do so one month early (i.e., in "only" five months instead of the full six months of Part B). The official OK would still have to come from Dr. Jennifer Brown, the principal investigator for the clinical trial in which I am a participant, and she would have to look at the data from my latest bone marrow biopsy to see if I made the grade. Well, this afternoon, after returning from Boston, I received an email from Karen Francoeur, my protocol nurse, that said:

"You are officially graduated from Part B to C as of Monday! Congrats!! We are working on a follow-up appt with Dr. Ho for you as well. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!"

1. So, Dr. Brown ~did~ give me the official OK. :-)

2. Dr. Vincent Ho would be my stem cell transplant doctor, if I did elect to transition from Part C to a stem cell transplant (a.k.a. a bone marrow transplant), and Diane and I are to meet with him once again to further discuss the possibility of such a transplant.

3. It will be a Happy Thanksgiving indeed. Never again (with the possible exception of a 100% successful stem cell transplant) would my CLL ever be at as low a level as it is right now. [Part C, which is a "maintenance" protocol, and which can last as long as about two years (actually twenty-six 4-week cycles), is intended to try to keep my CLL as low as it is right now.]

I will have more to say about this important transition soon, in upcoming posts, but I did want to get this news out as soon as possible.


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