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Week Two

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Mar 27 2012

For week 2 of my treatment plan I have to go to Dana-Farber for "only" one day. However, it will be a long day.

I am supposed to start with an intravenous round of Benadryl. Last week I thought that the amount of Benadryl seemed perhaps excessive - that is to say that the strongest reaction for my body to deal with last week was the "zombie-like" effects that it caused. I discussed with Kathleen McDermott about the possibility of cutting back somewhat on the Benadryl, and she did say that it ~might~ eventually be possible to do so. However, here in the second week I am supposed to receive the full 100% dose of Ofatumumab after the Benadryl, and I will likely need all of the anti-allergenic effects of the Benadryl that I can get. So, we'll see...

Some of the "novelty" (<g>) of receiving all these infusions is now gone, and a certain amount of tedium is now part of each treatment day now. However, there is also a new tension involved (although I won't quite call it "excitement") - it does seem as if now I am indeed in a battle, and, after a sometimes frustrating year-and-a-half of Watch and Wait, I am now actually doing something active against my disease, against the CLL. And, there truly is a certain satisfaction involved in that...

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