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Treatment Days 2 and 3

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Mar 23 2012

For both treatment days 2 and 3, the "main course" was an infusion (a "booster shot"?) of HDMP each day. Since I did not receive the Benadryl or the Ofatumumab on these two days, they not only went quicker, the treatments also seemed to cause fewer side effects. Nonetheless, having large amounts of Methylprednisone over a period of three days has definitely had an effect - I do feel different. There are a number of possible side effects that people may experience from HDMP, but the two that I seemed to settle on were a vague sense of "jitteriness" and a difficulty in falling asleep (which was surprising - I am usually a pretty good sleeper). I was prescribed Lorazepam (generic Ativan) to help with nausea and insomnia, and I have used the Lorazepam a couple of nights now for the insomnia. (I have been prescribed a whole bunch of other meds, too - I'll discuss these in future posts.)

Well, the first week is over. I'm off and running.

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