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Bottoming Out ???

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Jun 21 2012

Yesterday (Wednesday, June 20th) was a "regular Ofatumumab day" for us at Dana-Farber. Things went pretty routinely, and I didn't feel too bad after the treatment yesterday afternoon and evening, and I feel quite well today. Most of the obvious effects of last week's HDMP assault seem to be past - I'm feeling ~much~ better than I felt, say, on Monday or Tuesday.

The blood tests from yesterday were mostly fairly good news. The first item I tend to look at when viewing test results is the total white cell count - it's nice to see it going down, and not so nice to see it going up - and, on yesterday, well, it did go up a bit:

However, there were some other numbers to look at, too. While the percent of lymphocytes seems to be dropping not all that much as of late...

...at least the percent of neutrophils does seem to be slowly increasing:

It seems to me as if the lymphocyte decline has now sort of "bottomed out" - that is, it does seem as if Part A has basically killed off about as many lymphocytes as it's going to be able to (and, although it is possible that it is mostly leukemic lymphocytes that are dying, and not normal lymphocytes, the opposite could also be occurring).

The above two graphs show the ~percent~ of lymphocytes and neutrophils - the next two show the ~absolute~ numbers - first, the lymphocytes...

...and then the neutrophils...

It can be seen from the above that the actual number of lymphocytes seems a bit "stubborn" about dropping much further. However, the actual number of neutrophils seems to be on a modest rise. So, I guess my "takeaway" from all the above data is that:

1. The total number of white blood cells did increase this past week.

2. However, that increase is mostly due to a beneficial increase in neutrophils.

3. Meanwhile, it seems as if the lymphocyte count (while now much, much lower than it was before treatment started) no longer seems to be changing all that much.

I have two more Wednesdays of Ofatumumab infusions to "look forward to". Then, basically that would be the end of Part A of the clinical trial. I will then have a CT scan of my innards and a bone marrow biopsy taken from my hip, both in order to show the state of my disease. Hopefully the scan will show even more shrinkage of lymph nodes (and maybe shrinkage of my pulmonary embolism, too), and the biopsy will show decreased lymphocyte involvement in my marrow. We'll see...

Then I will start Part B...

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