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Final Week of Methylprednisolone (#2)

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Jun 15 2012

Just a quick update to my "Final Week of Methylprednisolone (#1)" entry from two days ago. I'm typing this while sitting in the infusion chair, but I won't upload this entry to the blog until we get back home (due to security concerns with the public-access network I'm on here at Dana-Farber - I don't mind surfing the 'net here, but I really shouldn't send password login info over a non-encrypted public network).

To help commemorate my last "installment" of HDMP today, my super infusion nurse, Melissa Houston, took the picture below with her camera phone and emailed it to me so that I could use it in this blog. (Thanks, Melissa.) (<smile>)

Good-bye, HDMP !!!

However, in a sense, the subject line of "Final Week of Methylprednisolone" is somewhat incorrect. It ~is~ true that this should be the last week that I receive HDMP - a total of 7,200 milligrams of Methylprednisolone over three days - that's over 7 ~grams~ of Methylprednisolone, totally overwhelming the mere 20 milligrams or so of Hydrocortisone that my adrenals would make in a normal day. Over seven grams of a very powerful steroid (about 5 to 7.5 times more potent than Hydrocortisone) is indeed ~HDMP~. (However, technically, the HDMP would actually be overwhelming the pituitary gland in my head, which senses corticosteroid levels in the blood to control the release - or, in this case, the non-release - of Hydrocortisone from the adrenal glands.)

However, when I was typing up that "Final Week of Methylprednisolone" entry (and, in my defense, I was already under the influence of some of the HDMP effects at the time on Wednesday evening - <grin>), I had forgotten that I would still occasionally receive "LDMP" (i.e., "low-dose Methylprednisolone" - that's "only" 50 milligrams) as "preconditioning" on those days that I would still be receiving infusions of Ofatumumab. However, there's a long way from 50 milligrams to 2,410 milligrams (which is what I received on each of the three D-F days this week).

Next week we will be at D-F just on Wednesday, for Ofatumumab (after some "LDMP preconditioning")...

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