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Screening Day is a Success

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Mar 14 2012

In order to be accepted as a participant in a clinical trial, one has to meet several inclusion criteria and also, at the same time, avoid matching any exclusion criteria. (To some extent, one has to prove that he/she is "sick enough" but "not too sick".)

So, I spent much of today at the Dana-Farber in Boston getting "screened", and I did OK, in the sense that I was accepted into the trial (which is scheduled to get under way for me next week).

I had a meeting with my D-F hematologist/oncologist (Dr. David Fisher) and with the nurse who will handle the nitty-gritty arrangements of the trial (Kathleen McDermott). I had "some" blood taken from me for various and sundry tests for me as well as for research (~21~ vials of blood - I couldn't believe the number of vials involved - <g>), and I had an EKG. The "high point" (yeah, riiiight) of the visit was the bone marrow biopsy (not very "pleasant", but it wasn't the End of the World, either - <g>).

For "some reason" I didn't have to have the "serum pregnancy test". ;-) And, I was lucky enuf not to have to get another CT scan (i.e., another "cat scan", as if I might be hiding any cats that they could detect on some kind of a scan or sumpin') - the CT scan that I had just a couple of weeks ago at the Jordan Hospital apparently was accepted as current enuf for starting the trial.

There was plenty of paperwork to sign - consent forms for this, consent forms for that, etc. I guess the common expression is "it was like I was signing my life away", but, for me, I was actually trying to sign my ~disease~ away - <g>. I do feel really good about the trial for what it will do to the nasty CLL cells (yes, I know that they are my own cells, after all, but that doesn't mean I still have to like 'em - <g>).

So, I will be starting my clinical trial next week. If anyone wants to see some online details of this particular trial, please see Ofatumumab With High Dose Methylprednisone Followed by Ofatumumab and Alemtuzumab in 17p CLL .

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