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Cycle 2 Day 1

Posted by Frederick Wasti
Apr 18 2012

Hi there. For anyone checking in to see how I am doing after today's trip to Dana-Farber, well, I am doing "OK". Today was the first day I was given the full dose of Methylprednisone and the full dose of Ofatumumab together, and it was maybe just a little more than I bargained for - <g>.

Back on Day 1 of Cycle 1, I did also have the full dose of Methylprednisone along with the Ofatumumab, but it is only a 30% dose of Ofatumumab that we trial participants are given for that occasion, since it represents only the first day of the trial. Then, on all of the other days of the first 28-day cycle just past, I was given either a full dose of Methylprednisone or a full dose of Ofatumumab, but not both on the same day.

So, perhaps it was just due to the heavy dosage load today, but I felt a bit more "beaten up" by the time we left D-F than usual - nothing unbearable (and certainly nothing to be worth juggling dosages for), but I did have a very "heavy head" feeling, and my vision seemed somewhat "foggy" (not out of focus, but just subdued in color and with low contrast), and, overall, I felt as if I weighed about 400 pounds (more than a bit over my actual weight - <g>), and I felt as if I was moving through molasses (well, maybe more like 50-W diesel motor oil, but that may not mean so much to everyone, so "molasses" it is).

Then, for the blood test results after the fourth week of testing, there was also a bit of a disappointment, in that the white cell counts (including the differential lymphocyte count) did indeed go down once again, but not by all that very much this time, making for a shallower slope for the curves on the total white cell graph and the lymphocyte graph - still in the right direction, but not so determinedly so. (Maybe I'd been "spoiled" so far.) Bummer...

On the other hand, my platelet count continues to rise, and this indicates that my bone marrow is definitely still improving - i.e., it is still being cleared of excessive lymphocyte stem cells, and of their excess new and immature offspring. :-)

We still do have to go back to Dana-Farber on tomorrow and Friday this week - each day for a full dose of Methylprednisone, preceded by a half-dose of Benadryl (but with no Ofatumumab on either day). I'll have more to say about all of this in my next post, probably sometime after Friday's trip to D-F (i.e., probably later on Friday, in the afternoon or evening).

There will be graphs.

Please stay tuned...

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